Sports day is one of the events that our students always look forward to, this year’s sports day was no different. The event took place at Amani Stadium, and what a day that was.

Normally, this day event brings parents, teachers and students together. Sports day gives an opportunity for parents to see what their children are capable of when it comes to physical education. What decorates this day is usually how passionate, motivated and determined participants are. Our participants gave their all during the sports that were taking place, with their parents cheering from the sidelines it was a day to remember.
Students were grouped into two teams that are Stone town and Forodhani. In every sport category, students from both teams participated.
As with every competition there is usually a winning side and a loosing side, the same happened in this day. The winning team was awarded and it was a all smiles on their faces, the other side the feeling wasn’t mutual.
Another event that usually takes place in this day is parents versus teachers football match. It was an entertaining encounter that was played while it was slightly raining. Teachers won this match, this will give parents opportunity to prepare even more for the next encounter.
At Feza schools there are number of events that will leave students with ever-lasting memories, this day was definitely one of those.
We wish all the best to our students and we look forward to an even better entertainment next year.

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