How to Apply

Application process at our school is as follows:

1. Application Form

    • Parents of the student will fill the application which will indicate when it should be returned and the date for entrance exam/interview.
    • Documents to be submitted together with application form
    • If there is an entrance exam, interview will be after the results of the exam.

2. Entrance exam

    • Exam will be done on the date and time indicated on the form.
    • A questionnaire should be filled as well.
    • The results will be out within five working days.
    • The pass mark is determined by the admission office and may not be disclosed to parents.
    • The school reserves the right of not disclosing marks achieved by a particular student.

3. Interview
The interview is conducted for the following purposes:

    • Determine the real ability of a student
    • English level
    • Behavior/moral values
    • Age/appearance
    • Health condition
    • At the end of interview admission office should decide and inform parents in written.

4. Admission

    • Respective Second Master will provide a written payment structure for the parent with his signature and stamp.
    • After payment, parent should get the joining instruction from the admission office and complete registration procedures.